Your workplace continues to evolve and so do we, to offer you the best solutions and support in all departments. As your organisation evolves, our systems, using artificial intelligence guide our optimization and efficiency strategies, thus enabling you to capitalise on the best possible return on investment.


The need to embrace digital transformation has never been more pressing - financial services and insurance companies face pressure from all sides. Help advance your competitive relevance by digitising and automating processes to enable innovation. View our offers or speak to our Print Solution specialist so we can help you to:

  • Track and recover all client service costs
  • Seamlessly protect and archive documents digitally


If you’re in the legal industry, you understand how important a role printing plays in the success of your firm. Law firms are document-intensive, and printing is needed for litigation, deeds, depositions, trusts, wills, and contracts. With the correct assessment, we will reduce this by:

  • Tracking and recovering all client service costs
  • Integrating into the legal-specific IT systems already in place
  • Managing confidential files securely


With today's evolving workplace, your Managed Print Services and scanners offer a path to reducing your company's reliance on paper, as well as maximising your investment in technology. Partner with us and let us help you:

  • Reducing print and document management costs
  • Automate and digitise recurring manual processes such as accounts payable, HR management, and new employee onboarding
  • Simplify paper-based processes by digitising workflow, such as leave applications and expense claims


Digitise document-intensive processes across your organisation to help exceed your expectations, reduce paper-based inefficiencies, increase cost savings and productivity and improve time to revenue. At TCM, we have deals that can help your organisation achieve this through:

  • Reducing print and document management costs
  • Automating recurring manual processes
  • Electronic contract management and secure digital signatures


HP’s Healthcare Edition Multifunction Printers and Solutions - an industry first - will help improve patient safety, clinical efficiency and care coordination. Our printing solutions can help your medical practice increase productivity and drive down operational costs by:

  • Reducing print and document management costs
  • Automating and digitising recurring manual processes such as patient onboarding
  • Enabling mobile patient onboarding
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